First post

This blog will be used for news regarding my research including publications, conferences, workshops and more!

First of all a few things about me:

Prior to becoming a researcher at Coventry University for the Beaconing project (, funded by Horizon 2020 and consisting of 15 partners in 9 different countries,  I taught various levels of Computer related subjects at the Universities of Oxford and Wolverhampton. I also was a member of  projects funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), including the award winning First World War Poetry Archive and the Assessing and Storing Knowledge project. My academic background includes a BSc in Computer Science a Master’s degree in Business and Management Information Systems and a doctorate in the area of Intelligent Online Learning Environments.


Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of Artificial Intelligence and, more specifically, in designing Health Care training simulations that integrate emotional and personality traits. I am also very interested in using games for education and enhancing learning using location based services (such as GPS and Bluetooth beacons).



BEACONING – ‘Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning’

Designing and Implementing a Model of Affective Intelligent Agents in Healthcare Training Simulations

Using Brain Control Interfaces for Augmented Reality Virtual Training Simulators

Virtual Reality Simulation Training for Student Nurse Education

Virtual Reality Stroke Event Simulator



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Interactive Reading Using Low Cost Brain Computer Interfaces
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Presenting and Investigating the Efficacy of an Educational Interactive Mobile Application for British Sign Language Using Hand Gesture Detection Techniques, IN PRINT, Restituyo, C., Loizides, F., Yang, S., Weir, K., Worrallo, A., Hartley, T. & Souleles, N., Loizou, M. mLearn 2017



Designing and Testing an Experimental Framework of Affective Intelligent Agents in Healthcare Training Simulations.